Dental Stem Cells Regenerative Potential

Author : Barbara Zavan
Eriberto Bressan

Edition : 1st Edition

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This ebook focuses on the primary aspects of dental stem cells (DSCs) in addition to their medical programs in tissue engineering and regenerative medication. It opens with a discussion of classification, protocols, and residences of DSCs and proceeds to discover DSCs within the contexts of cryopreservation; epigenetics; pulp, periodontal, tooth, bone, and corneal stroma regeneration.

neuronal residences, mesenchymal stem cells and biomaterials; and as sources of hepatocytes for liver sickness treatment. The fifteen expertly authored chapters comprehensively have a look at possible applications of DSCs and offer useful insights into mechanisms of boom and differentiation.

Dental Stem Cells: Regenerative ability attracts from a wealth of global perspectives and is an important addition to the growing literature on dental stem cells. This installment of Springer’s Stem mobile Biology and Regenerative remedy series is integral for biomedical researchers interested in bioengineering, dentistry, tissue engineering, regenerative remedy, mobile biology and oncology.


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