Dental Materials Foundations and Applications

Author : John C. Wataha
John M. Powers

Edition : 11th Edition

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  • complete, centered insurance: Fifteen chapters plus an introductory section gift detailed records about dental substances used inside the dental office and laboratory and all of the substances applicable to day-to-day practice for dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants. 
  • contemporary content material: The brand new materials utilized in dental exercise are discussed, consisting of those used in esthetic dentistry, virtual dentistry, and preventive dentistry, and new advanced technologies in laboratory practice. 
  • consistent Presentation: each material presentation starts offevolved with a look at of the residences and makes use of of that fabric before transferring on to the particular manipulations and applications in dentistry, presenting a logical framework for assessment amongst substances. 
  • assessment Questions: each bankruptcy ends with 20 to 30 self-test questions, the solutions to that are supplied in the on-line instructor’s materials, as a student have a look at and assessment tool.


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