Dental Implants and Bone Grafts Materials and Biological Issues

Author : Hamdan Alghamdi
John Jansen

Edition : 1st Edition

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Healthy teeth are supported with bone tissue within the maxilla and mandible called alveolar bone, which is subjected to transforming related to the functional demands of mastication. However, teeth loss and alveolar bony defects are common and pose a big ill health in dental clinics. Reconstruction of alveolar bone and replacement of missing teeth using dental implants and bone grafts greatly enhances treatment success and patient satisfaction. 

Currently, the potential market in dental implants and bone grafts is great and includes virtually every dental treatment plan in how . Worldwide, the market size for dental implants is estimated to succeed in nearly $5 billion in 2023 (BCC research report 2018–23). 

Dental implants show many advantages over the traditional prostheses, including high patient acceptance, natural appearance, and fewer requirement of maintenance. Indeed, dental implants have played a serious role in oral rehabilitation in recent decades. supported the National Center for Health Statistics, quite 90% of adults within the us have untreated cavity , and 69% show a minimum of one missing tooth.


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