Dental Caries The Disease and Its Clinical Management

Author : Ole Fejerskov >br>Bente Nyvad
Edwina Kidd

Edition : 3rd Edition

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Dental caries is ubiquitous – it’s far omnipresent in all populations and is as old as mankind. The caries incidence fee varies significantly among and within populations. With increasing age, symptoms, and signs of dental caries accumulate, and in most adult populations the caries incidence tactics 100%. Prevention and operative remedy of caries lesions and its sequelae occupy the general public of the dental profession lifelong around the arena, and the cost of dental fitness care is a first-rate societal burden. 

most of the people of dental restorations are made because of dental caries. Caries and failed restorative care are the main reasons for tooth loss in all contemporary populations. So, it’s far with a bit of luck obvious that there are true reasons for advancing an international textbook on Dental Caries: The ailment and Its medical control. it has been an outstanding satisfaction for us that the first version gentle his book have found their way everywhere in the international. 

in the genesis of this third version, we’ve got realized that Edwina Kidd has been an emerita professor for several years, and soon Ole Fejerskov will follow, so it is time for a new generation to takeover. therefore, Professor Bente Nyvad is now a full member of the editorial team.


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