Dental Applications of Nanotechnology

Author : Ramesh S. Chaughule

Edition : 1st Edition

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Nanotechnology has colossal packages in nearly all the fields of technology and human life. Nanoparticles constitute a crucial and generation-extensive vicinity of studies and improvement within the burgeoning field of nanotechnology and nanoscience. Scientists are exploring many studies areas to apprehend bulk materials at the nanoscale. Engineered nanoparticles with promising houses were tailor-made and produced on a technical scale. Nanotechnology is one of the most famous areas of cutting-edge research and has developed in multiple disciplines, consisting of dentistry. 

The most purpose of dentistry is the rehabilitation of the stomatognathic device. Nanotechnology-primarily based treatment modalities like nanomaterials and nanorobots are finding their manner in ordinary dental health care. in contrast to bulk substances, nano-sized particles are quite unique in nature due to the increase in surface-to-volume ratio which alters their bodily, chemical, and biological properties which cause chemical activity with awesome crystallography. Nanoparticles incorporate a size variety from 10 to a hundred nm in diameter. 

The number one aim of restorative dentistry is to repair the shape and characteristic of the teeth. The sizeable variety of restorative substances being synthetic should integrate innovation with long-lasting scientific fulfillment. The bodily homes and managing traits of these restorative materials must constantly enhance with time, enabling dental experts to satisfy the various needs of dental sufferers and the distinctive requirements of exercise.


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