Cunningham’s Manual of Practical Anatomy VOL 3

Author : Rachel Koshi

Edition : 16th Edition

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Cunningham’s Manual of Practical Anatomy has been the most widely used dissection manual in India for many decades. This edition is extensively revised. The language has been modernized and simplified to appeal to the present-day student. Opening remarks have been added at the start of a chapter, or at the beginning of the description of a region where necessary. This volume on the head and neck, brain, and spinal cord starts with the description of the bones, cavities, organs, muscles, vessels, and nerves of the head and neck. The brain and spinal cord are discussed in the following section. 

The last section in the volume presents a series of cross-sectional gross anatomy images, as well as computerized tomograms and magnetic resonance images of the head, neck and brain, to enable further understanding of the intimate relationship between the structures described here. Dissection forms an integral part of learning anatomy, and the practice of dissections enables students to retain and recall anatomical details learnt in the first year of medical college during their clinical practice. 

To make the dissection process easier and more meaningful, in this edition, each dissection is presented with a heading, and a list of objectives to be accomplished. Many of the details of dissections have been retained from the earlier edition, but are presented as numbered, stepwise easy-to-follow instructions that help students navigate their way through the tissues of the body, and to isolate, define, and study important structures.


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