Contemporary Approach to Dental Caries

Author : Ming-Yu Li

Edition : 1st Edition

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Caries remains one of the maximum common diseases during the sector. it has been labeled via the WHO as the 1/3 global’s health calamity. This e book describes the motive, diagnosis, manage and prevention of caries, and the development in day by day caries scientific exercise, and an increased emphasis on the dental caries in kids and secondary caries. 

The book will enchantment to dental students in addition to graduate college students, dental health educators, hygienists, and therapists. it will additionally be beneficial to scientists working within the discipline of cariology and to certified dentists who desire to replace their understanding. 

I desire to thank Ms. Maja Bozicevic and InTech. And an vast thank to all the contributors who worked beyond regular time to produce their sections.


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