Color Atlas of Temporo Mandibular Joint Surgery

Author : Peter D. Quinn

Edition : 1st Edition

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Certainly, one of the most vexing problems for oral and maxillofacial surgeons has been deciding on the right surgical option for those patients who have exhausted all conservative techniques of handling temporomandibular joint pain and dysfunction. properly-reasoned controversy can complicate decision making in temporomandibular joint surgical operation for inner derangement, trauma, and management of benign and malignant issues. several notable complete textbooks on temporomandibular joint problems explore the basis for those controversies and offer a historic and clinical evaluate of this problematic place of maxillofacial surgical procedure. 

The purpose of this text is certainly to illustrate the technical factors of the various surgical methods on the temporomandibular joint. No try become made to champion a unmarried approach to temporomandibular joint surgical operation. ultimately, most effective properly-designed medical studies can show or disprove the safety and efficacy of the character processes.


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