Color Atlas of Porcelain Laminate Veneers

Author : George A. Freedman
Gerald McLaughlin

Edition : 1st Edition

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In historical instances, people sought dental care almost solely for esthetic motives. In some cultures, enamel were hollowed out with primitive drills for the purpose of implanting treasured stones. In different times, enamel have been filed all the way down to points or sharpened to imitate the dentition of animals. Occasionally they have been (and nonetheless are in a few cultures) knocked out absolutely. 

Through several thousand years, dentistry changed however little. on this century. But, technology and era have provided the necessary basics that have propelled dentistry into fields unimaginable simplest a short time ago. We have emerge as talented at saving, filling, and straightening tooth, and especially at teaching the public about the significance of exact dental care. As a end result, more and more people have come to treat teeth as an critical necessity of life. 

Now that we can preserve teeth in relatively right health for an entire lifetime, tons of the attention has again turned to their look. Hence we’ve got come complete turn. man, to start with involved with not anything greater than dental esthetics, has gone the full cycle thru health and characteristic, and is now returned to his preliminary subject.


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