Color Atlas of Oral Cancer

Author : Masthan KMK
Shyamsundar Vidyarani
Babu N Aravindha

Edition : 1st Edition

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In India, Oral cancer prevalance ranks first among guys and fourth among girls. extended occurrence fees of Oral Squamous cell Carcinoma, specifically among younger era is a main fitness difficulty. maximum of the squamous cell carcinomas are preceded by way of the probably malignant problems which are treatable. due to the lack of information of the sufferers and additionally the healthcare specialists, most of the instances are overlooked in the premalignant or early level of the oral cancer. maximum of the sufferers document to us for the duration of the late degree of the disorder, resulting inside the bad analysis. in this atlas, we have made an attempt to encompass all the elements of oral squamous mobile carcinoma in addition to doubtlessly malignant disorders. 

We’ve got additionally covered the pictures of etiologic agents which can serve as easy manual to convince sufferers for dependancy cessation. Separate chapters are committed to the medical presentation of those lesions and also step-through-step system of clinical exam. all the to be had remedy alternatives are indexed for the probably malignant problems with the references. In all the chapters photographic illustrations are protected. This book is introduced out as an attempt to create recognition a number of the oral healthcare specialists. we hope this e-book might be beneficial for the instant explanation of the medical diagnosis in addition to for the patient schooling.


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