Color Atlas of Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases

Author : Brad W. Neville
Douglas D. Damm
Carl M. Allen
Angela C. Chi

Edition : 1st Edition

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Via its very nature, the discipline of pathology encompasses not only the microscopic diagnosis of disorder, however additionally the popularity and analysis of lesions on a scientific and radiographic foundation. As oral and maxillofacial pathologists, we obviously spend a great quantity of our time inside the laboratory examining tissue specimens for prognosis. however, we also have the outstanding possibility and privilege to see many sufferers in a clinical setting for each the prognosis and control of numerous oral illnesses. 

As a rely of truth, it’s miles this fascination with sickness on a scientific basis that first stimulated our interest to enter the specialty of oral and maxillofacial pathology. With this in thoughts, we’re pleased to provide this series of pictures and radiographic snap shots of oral, head, and neck sicknesses. 

These illustrations constitute a compilation of what we consider to be most of the best clinical coaching material that we’ve got accumulated over the course of our careers. The e-book has been designed frequently with the dental expert in thoughts, but it additionally need to be beneficial to different fitness care companies who deal with oral sicknesses, consisting of otolaryngologists and dermatologists.


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