Color Atlas of Dental Hygiene Periodontology

Author : Herbert Wolf
Thomas Hassell

Edition : 1st Edition

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Dental hygiene professionals need the absolute best scientific and clinical knowledge at their fingertips to effectively assist within the prevention and treatment of periodontitis . Periodontology puts the requirements of hygienists center stage, providing an in depth and brilliantly illustrated reference for daily practice, and a wealth of data to underpin successful diagnosis and treatment.

A firm grasp of the pathogenesis of periodontitis is important for the hygienist. This book clearly outlines the vital concepts in immunology, genetics and destruction and repair of periodontal tissues. The innovations and new scientific evidence in these fields are lucidly described and invoke new approaches to etiology, diagnosis and treatment.

The importance of links between oral health and general systemic health can’t be overestimated. Periodontology conclusively demonstrates the need for patient and clinician to stay these associations to the forefront of risk assessment and treatment.

The benefits of this integrated approach are going to be clearly seen within the specialise in prevention of oral disease, a primary objective for all hygiene professionals. The book shows how the systemic considerations influence the mixture of diagnostic, therapeutic, pharmacological and mechanical treatment strategies.


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