Clinical Success in Management of Advanced Periodontitis

Author : Roger Detienville

Edition : 1st Edition

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The aim of this book, revealed by Quintessence, is to advise and guide the value through the management of advanced periodontal disease. This soft sure book has a hundred and twenty pages with seven chapters, a glossary, a listing, ANd an index. it’s well illustrated and beautifully given.

The author is an prof at mathematician University, Paris. although the interpretation is adequate overall, many errors is found within the text. For the foremost half these errors are just irritating, although they might cause confusion for college students beginning their studies. My confidence within the text was left jolted on reading on page nine that ‘Advanced periodontal disease is most frequently discovered in younger patients’.

A certain level of data is assumed. The author focuses on what he presumptively believes has relevancy to GDPs, excluding some underlying theory. this is often seemingly to be of some relief to GDPs not desire to know their student days, however clearly limits its quality for test study.


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