Clinical Success in Endodontic Retreatment

Author : Stéphane Simon
Wilhelm-Joseph Pertot

Edition : 1st Edition

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It is an excellent honor to be asked by Wilhelm Pertot and Stéphane Simon to write down the foreword for this book. i prefer the very fact that this book is clinically relevant and addresses the challenges that we, as dentists, face on a daily basis—indications for more retreatments than pulpectomies, difficulties of managing the sequelae of trauma, and therefore the problems related to fractured instruments. 

the sensible focus of this book makes it a worthy addition to the Clinical Success series published under the guidance of Jean-Marie Korbendau. Having been his student in 1963 to 1964, I remember with gratitude the rigorous practical and theoretic education he provided. 

hebdomadally he asked us to present a written record of our clinical experiences, and he placed the maximum amount importance on the design as on the content. Unless clearly expressed, even the foremost important ideas become unintelligible.


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