Clinical Success in Early Orthodontic Treatment

Author : Antonio Patti
Guy Perrier D’Arc

Edition : 1st Edition

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Orthodontists have made remarkable progress in their understanding of physiology, growth, tissue response, increasingly sophisticated diagnostic techniques, available materials, and information; nevertheless, with of these advances, many practitioners still find themselves at a complete loss when confronted thereupon eternal dilemma: to intervene or to not intervene before the eruption of the entire permanent dentition. 

Two opposing schools of thought exist. One philosophy is embraced by those that don’t initiate treatment until the second molars and every one the premolars have erupted. These clinicians assert that it’s easier to start treatment when major growth has been completed and when a treatment time of two to three years are often predicted with reasonable assurance. 

thereby avoiding the necessity to catch up on unexpected variations within the growth pattern. Often, treatment undertaken during this time framework is amid therapeutic extractions and requires the utilization of cumbersome, complex appliances which will pose serious risks to the health of the teeth and therefore the surrounding tissues.


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