Clinical Short-Answer Questions for Postgraduate Dentistry

Author : St-John Crean
Zarina Shaikh
Liam Addy

Edition : 1st Edition

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Making ready for postgraduate assessments in dentistry calls for an enormous degree of business enterprise and backbone. predominant is the venture of retaining a balance between preparing for assessments and preserving down a complete-time medical post. The pressures of work in dentistry and associated specialties unavoidably restriction the amount of exam training time available to candidates wishing to pursue a postgraduate profession.

The authors of this text have wide enjoy inside the provision of revision publications of every type thru their paintings on the Royal college of Surgeons of britain in London and feature had the opportunity to speak to among the candidates attending those events. it is clear that students are very eager to receive the possibility to position their knowledge to the test earlier than the exams, and that they have time and again asked question-and answer books to apply along their revision texts. 

Instruction is the key to overall performance in examinations. The authors wish that this e book will pass a few way in the direction of imparting a beneficial degree to candidates of ways nicely their research are progressing. If weaknesses are highlighted earlier than the exam then the textual content may have completed its intention. this can, it’s far to be hoped, inspire in addition preparation, consequently reducing the risk of poor performance on the large day.


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