Clinical Methods in Medicine by S N Chugh

Author : S N Chugh
Eshan Gupta

Edition : 2nd Edition

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Clinical Methods in Medicine: Clinical Skills and Practices consists of two sections—Section 1: History Taking and Physical Examination (Chapters 1 to 10) concentrates on History Taking and Review of System (Unit I) and Physical Examination (Unit II). I even have written this as separate section because in examinations, short cases/spot cases are kept just for general physical examination. Section 2: Systemic Examination (Chapters 11 to 20) and Appendices is written on Systemic Examination (Unit III), which is comprehensive and provides explanation of every abnormal finding and Unit IV on Appendices. 

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Key Features

• The book is most informative and student-oriented in simple, easy, and understandable language

• Demonstrates most of the clinical signs with illustrations and symptoms are analysed and interpreted properly

• Observes the abnormalities during clinical examinations and their significances are highlighted briefly within the boxes

• Details the presenting complaints, history, brief general physical examination and systemic examination in each chapter. the foremost of physical signs are demonstrated either with figure or photograph in order that the scholars can remember what they need seen

• Discusses the straightforward bedside also as advanced investigations associated with the topic in details at the top of every chapter

• Enables the scholar to present the case before examiners confidently because he/she is now well prepared to answer the questions on clinical examination. Efforts are made to debate specific clinical disorders associated with the system in order that students become well-versed with the theoretical and practical aspects of the case

• Diagrams/figures are self-explanatory

• Incorporates illustrations for spotting the diagnosis, therefore, if a student is given an identical case, he/she can make the spot diagnosis easily

• Useful for the scholars during their ward posting and practical examination, and definitely this book may be a clinical boon to the scholars .

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