Clinical Implantology

Author : Ajay Vikram Singh

Edition : 1st Edition

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When you consider that Prof PI Branemark described the concept of osseointegration, the dental implantology has advanced noticeably over the last 35 years. thanks to all of the past and contemporary researchers and clinicians inside the area of implantology whose endured efforts have added this technological know-how to a superb degree of fulfillment. nowadays, the implant is sought to be the most successful and dependable choice for the lacking enamel substitute and additionally to retain the loose dentures. inside the remaining 35 years, the diverse modifications inside the implant designs and floor were made to improvise the tempo and first-rate of osseointegration. 

After practising the conventional implant treatment protocol for several years, the implant researchers and clinicians have correctly evolved numerous changes such as instantaneous implant, instant healing, and so on. to offer a preferred degree of implant treatment to the patients. in addition, development of bone augmentation strategies made the high level of possibilities with a more success to offer implant remedy inside the patients with ridge deficiencies and bone defects. numerous textbooks had been published to date imparting certain description of the literatures and research at the implants. those books have certainly been providing distinct understanding of the literature within the area of implantology and were playing a completely important function inside the achievement of any implant dentist inclusive of the author of this e-book, but many dentists specially clinicians experience hard to undergo all that time-eating literatures. 

Moreover, maximum of the textbooks on implantology do no longer adequately describe diagrammatically all of the scientific implant procedures however provide most of the description in the text supported with only some diagrams not displaying all steps of the manner. therefore, the clinicians discover it tough to recognize the way with which they could efficaciously perform any specific system. retaining this in thoughts, few medical books were recently posted that have fantastically provided the step-through-step methods but maximum of these books gift handiest few implant strategies which includes bone augmentation, all-on-4 processes, etc.


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