Clinical Guide to Principles of Fiber-Reinforced Composites in Dentistry

Author : Pekka Vallittu
Mutlu O ¨zcan

Edition : 1st Edition

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This book on fiber-reinforced composites (FRC) covers this understanding and data on the properties of FRCs and describes why and the way the FRCs became a vital cluster of dental biomaterials. we’ve studied FRC materials since the first Nineties and have printed a big variety of scientific papers. 

This book summarizes the foremost relevant information from in vitro and clinical studies accomplished on this subject. Completion of this book was a crucial milestone for North American country once virtually thirty years of scientific and clinical work, since the exploitation of glass FRCs employed in medicine twenty years past. beginning analysis on a subject that was barely investigated from dental or medical views within the late Eighties, and seeing the exaggerated scientific interest within the material over the years.

we tend to area unit grateful to any or all coworkers WHO have contributed to the difficult work investigated during this book. Industrial and tutorial partners during this analysis space are extremely appreciated. we tend to acknowledge Elsevier for taking over the task of business enterprise this book.


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