Clinical Cases in Restorative and Reconstructive Dentistry

Author : Gregory J. Tarantola

Edition : 1st Edition

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it is with amazing satisfaction and honor that I embody the opportunity to put in writing this book. After greater than 25 years of exercise, clinical statement, and case documentation, you get enthusiastic about what works and what does now not work. The case study layout is an top notch way to proportion this information. all the cases are provided in a systematic format illustrating examination, analysis, diagnostic wax – up, remedy plan, remedy collection, provisionalization, and the finished case. 

 A key remark has been that there are certain typical, fundamental ideas that observe to each and each case. Making the dedication to apply those concepts to each scenario enables you to add rather to the predictability of a selected case. quick reducing those principles, despite the fact that a case may appear easy and straightforward, can lessen that predictability. because of that dwindled predictability, expectations won’t be met. as the dentist, we may not get the outcomes that we assume and, greater importantly, the affected person might not get the effects that she or he anticipated. this can result in pricey remakes, harm emotions, lack of believe, and possibly even a tarnished reputation. 

 these days is really a exceptional time in dentistry. era has multiplied heights the desires that we’re in a position to accomplish for our patients to remarkable. we will bond with predictability and toughness to both teeth and dentin. Composite and porcelain restorations may be really undetectable from natural teeth shape. With present day surgical techniques we’re able to placed bone and smooth tissue in which it has been lost or perhaps never gift. With the technology of dental implants we are able to deliver our patients a tertiary non detachable dentition.


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