Clinical Cases in Pediatric Dentistry

Author : Marcio A. da Fonseca
Amy L. Truesdale

Edition : 1st Edition

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The scope of pediatric dentistry has advanced to encompass all elements of wellbeing that could impact oral and craniofacial fitness. Likewise, the schooling of pediatric dentistry has also advanced to consist of case-primarily based coaching to higher give a boost to this more holistic technique. traditional textbooks are a extremely good resource but through necessity gift records in artificially limited subject matter groupings. Pediatric dentistry is a area in which a whole host of issues need to be addressed concurrently to correctly make a prognosis and manipulate a affected person’s care. 

A case-primarily based approach to schooling lets in one to use foundational expertise acquired from reference texts and didactic guides to research techniques for presenting patient centered care. The medical cases covered on this e-book were conceived to offer case studies for a big range of studying conditions. Pre-doctoral students can use the instances as they’re delivered to pediatric dentistry and as a look at guide for case-based curricula and assessments. put up-doctoral college students and residents can use those instances as they prepare for case-based totally checks at some point of their schooling and board certification. This book will also be a useful tool for educators who will now have a equipped series of clinical cases, protecting the essentials of pediatric dentistry, to discuss with their students.


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