Clinical Cases in Orthodontics

Author : Andrew T. DiBiase
Martyn T. Cobourne
Padhraig S. Fleming
Sofia Ahmad

Edition : 1st Edition

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We suppose that orthodontics is one of the most exciting and hard of the dental specialties. although we may be biased in this assumption, there are a few persuasive motives for believing that it is proper. The treatment of malocclusion represents a mixture of technology and artistic flair, and is frequently, despite the fact that not solely, carried out on a young and vibrant population. The results of orthodontic remedy and the wonderful effect that it can have on the patient can additionally be intensely rewarding for the clinician.

Moreover, trends in diagnostic equipment, equipment structures and orthodontic materials preserve at some significant tempo inside the career, which gives vast stimulus to the contemporary clinician. We have written this textbook normally to be used as a tool for dental experts who wish to develop their experience and know-how of scientific orthodontics. The intention has been to show a wide range of man or woman cases and medical situations that illustrate many of the issues normally seen at some stage in development of the craniofacial region, with emphasis on the jaws, dentition and occlusion.


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