Clinical Cases in Endodontics

Author : Takashi Komabayashi

Edition : 1st Edition

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Copiously illustrated in full colour, medical cases in Endodontics brings collectively actual endodontic medical cases chosen through countrywide and worldwide grasp clinicians and leading teachers, building from the easy to the complicated and from the common to the rare.

part of the Wiley-Blackwell clinical instances series, and with instances ranging from nonsurgical root canal remedy to complicated remedy, this e book gives practical, ordinary programs observed with the aid of fastidiously supported educational commentary in a completely unique technique that questions and educates readers approximately essential topics in medical endodontics. 

The format of clinical cases in Endodontics fosters case-based, trouble-based totally and evidence-primarily based impartial getting to know and prepares readers for case-based totally examinations. it’s far, consequently, beneficial as a textbook from which predoctoral dental students and postgraduate residents may study the challenging and soaking up nature of endodontic remedy. however, the ebook’s variety and intensity of detail may also make it an notable reference tool for practitioners on every occasion confusing cases get up in the dental workplace.


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