Clinical Approaches in Endodontic Regeneration

Author : Henry F. Duncan
Paul Roy Cooper

Edition : 1st Edition

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on the inception of this assignment, we discussed with Tony Smith the need for some other textbook within the pulp biology and regenerative endodontics discipline. We agreed that there has been little point in investing effort in growing yet every other encyclopaedic, in large part clinical-based totally reference text. 

however in our view, there has been room for a shorter and more targeted clinical-translational e-book which will be the current ‘go to’ textual content inside the field. The proposed volume ought to be ‘reducing part’ and underpinned by using modern-day technology however should speak the implications on medical therapy as well as the avenues for destiny research. 

As a result, we contacted an array of medical and simple- scientist global pals, collaborators and colleagues running at the vanguard of pulp biology, regenerative endodontics and crucial pulp remedy studies/practice to enlist their help with this project. 


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