Ceramic veneers: contact lenses and fragments

Author : Paula Cardoso
Rafael Decurcio

Edition : 1st Edition

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Brazil isn’t always “exquisite” due to its big territory, but due to its people (although many could have us believe the opposite). Rafael, Paula and the entire team of workers of this incredible book in which I’ve the honor to introduce. These are an undeniable proof of what I accept as true with in and for many years what I’ve been saying. human beings are the finest wealth of any u . s . a ., and that is no different in Brazil. I met Paula, extra than 10 years ago, at some point of a dental event.

After which I had the privilege of being her professor during her masters and doctorate publications on the Federal college of Santa Catarina in Florianopolis, where I teach. In evaluation, I met and became Rafael’s friend not lengthy in the past. but, deep down, I’ve the impression that i have always known him, such is our affinity and mutual appreciate.

This ebook, similarly to its updated content, is easy to understand and scientifically supported, and overwhelmingly illustrated with immaculate photographs. limitless case reviews optimally documented display the giant revel in of the authors and co-authors in this particular field of Dentistry. Certainly, a first rate e book. If you have any questions, I propose that you carefully move over every web page and then continue analyzing with none hurry. Congratulations, my pals. I’m so proud of you all.


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