Cementation in Dental Implantology

Author : Chandur Wadhwani

Edition : 1st Edition

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Clinical complications can occur with any dental remedy; dental implant therapy isn’t any exception. it’s far vital to recognise the varieties of problems that can occur with dental implants to develop an know-how of techniques by means of which those can be minimized or, higher but, avoided altogether. Complications related to the cementation of crowns and fi xed prostheses on dental implant abutments were fi rst documented inside the dental literature within the late Nineteen Nineties. due to the fact that time, scientific proof and medical enjoy have combined to advise strategies of stopping destructive consequences for the duration of cementation.  

Dr. Wadhwani is a pioneer in examining the procedure of crown cementation on implant abutments. he’s joined in this textbook by way of an superb institution of students as bankruptcy participants, who add their unique information to his studies, and together there is an top notch synthesis of to be had proof and scientific tips. 

it’s far crucial that practitioners, educators, and college students apprehend present day technological know-how concerning the cementation procedure associated with dental implants so headaches can be decreased or eliminated. The profession will derive big benefit from this e book that expands our knowledge and publications us to have a deeper knowledge of how to optimize the cementation of crowns and fi xed prostheses on implant abutments.


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