Cellular and Molecular Immunology

Author : Abul K. Abbas
Andrew H. Lichtman
Shiv Pillai

Edition : 9th Edition

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This 9th edition of cell and Molecular Immunology includes sizable revisions, which we made to hold the textbook modern with clinical advances and, on the same time, hold the clean and readable style that has been usual of preceding variations. whenever we’ve brought new statistics, we’ve got targeted in the main on critical concepts and feature not accelerated the length of the e-book. we have also rewritten many sections for extended readability, accuracy, and completeness. 

A fashionable topic in current immunology is that the sector is transferring beyond organising fundamental principles of the mechanisms of immune responses to applying these principles to recognize human disease and broaden new therapies. The revolution in immunological therapies over the past two decades has been brilliant. 

it is specifically fulfilling for immunologists that a number of the maximum innovative and powerful immunotherapies have been evolved due to the fact the fundamental science has matured and the complex mechanisms of immune activation and regulation were elucidated in increasing element. on this version of the ebook, we have paid unique attention to the medical relevance of immunology and feature emphasised how newly developed healing procedures paintings and what their strengths and pitfalls are.


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