Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology 3rd South Asia Edition

Author : Chini Doraiswami Dwarakanath

Edition : 3rd Edition

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Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology: Third South Asia Edition may be a complete and thorough presentation of periodontology essentials while retaining the design and quality that creates the book the amount one periodontal textbook within the world.

From basic science and fundamental procedures to the newest advanced techniques in reconstructive, esthetic, and implant therapy, this book is that the resource you’ll calculate to master the foremost current information and techniques, in periodontology.

The gold standard since 1947, Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology is quite just a textbook, it features expert leadership, an improved organization, and new online features. Renowned authorities assist you learn the basics , make the simplest clinical decisions, get the simplest results from each procedure, avoid complications, and exceed your patients’ expectations

Over 1500 illustrations (full color photos, radiographs, tables, flowcharts, boxes) within the book beautifully illustrate the small print of specific conditions and coverings .

Though the essential concepts remain an equivalent , the sections on Tooth brush design, Dentifrices and Chemical plaque biofilm control with oral rinses within the chapter ‘Plaque Biofilm Control’ are totally revamped to incorporate more details for better understanding. Additionally, classification of Chemical plaque control agents which wasn’t there in earlier editions has also been included.


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