Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology 13th Edition

Author : Michael Newman
Henry Takei
Perry Klokkevold
Fermin Carranza

Edition : 13th Edition

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With the help of Elsevier’s superior era and high requirements of pleasant, an international group of editors and contributors have advanced the most comprehensive periodontal useful resource available, Newman and Carranza’s medical Periodontology, 13th version. The e-book’s companion website is rich with images, animations, films, question units, case reviews, PowerPoint slides, audio slides, digital microscope, multidisciplinary case scenarios, and more. 

No different aid offers this kind of complete approach to providing excessive high-quality content material. due to the fact that guide of the first version of this e-book in 1953, periodontology has made excellent improvements. medical analysis of periodontal tissues and the elucidation of mechanisms and causes of sickness have prolonged a long way beyond histology and body structure into the realm of cell and molecular biologic expertise. 

Implant dentistry has end up a major issue of periodontology, and this e-book offers a huge insurance of essential treatment modalities. New therapeutic dreams and medical strategies, based totally on an improved information of ailment and recovery, have facilitated better effects and taken us towards attaining the last intention of most advantageous periodontal fitness and characteristic.


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