Botulinum Toxin for Facial Harmony

Author : Altamiro Flávio

Edition : 1st Edition

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Dentists are known for his or her pursuit of perfection. It’s one among the traits that outline the profession; arguably, the sole trait more significant is their desire to assist and serve their patients. Altamiro Flávio, DDS, author of a replacement clinical book neurotoxin for Facial Harmony, may be a dentist who possesses both of those traits. Twelve years ago, he discovered a treatment that would greatly benefit his patients, but he lacked the education and knowledge to supply it. so as to satisfy this patient need, he began an academic journey that might drastically change his practice philosophy and therefore the course of his career.

The Importance of the Face in Dentistry

So many of the treatment-planning decisions that dentists make involve careful consideration of the face. an honest clinician uses reference points of the face when planning restorative or prosthodontic treatments; further, an esthetic result relies on the clinician’s ability to successfully harmonize the character of the teeth with the character of the face.


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