Bonica’s Management of Pain

Author : Scott M. Fishman
Jane C. Ballantyne
James P. Rathmell

Edition : 4th Edition

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This ebook become first introduced 56 years ago, a time that many agree with marks the beginning of the multidisciplinary subject of ache management. The concept for a scientific textbook committed to the management of ache got here from John Bonica, and in its first edition he wrote that the book gives a synthesis of statistics from disparate disciplines to shape a whole dialogue on ache and its control. this type of e-book, he believed, might toughen the pain discipline via assimilating new insights and developing information from many fascinated disciplines. for the reason that first version in 1953, the motive of the e book has remained essentially the identical, notwithstanding awesome growth within the technology and exercise of ache control, and the emergence of ache remedy as its personal discipline. 

The ebook has remained a key reference for clinicians through all its versions, in large part due to the high great of the original book, and the ability to draw global-class professionals to engage in his challenge, even years after Dr. Bonica’s dying in 1994. It became with trepidation and pleasure that we, the 3 chief editors, usual the assignment of shepherding the following edition of this essential ebook to book. We fast found out that we had been no fit for Bonica, who formulated and wrote large parts of the original e book himself and from the start, we solicited help from expert subeditors. 


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