Bone Grafting Techniques for Maxillary Implants

Author : Karl-Erik Kahnberg

Edition : 1st Edition

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Implant rehabilitation using titanium screw-shaped implants has been an exceedingly critical innovation as mentioned in severa courses through the years.

within the beginning of the implant technology, the anterior mandible become the number one implant web site as it tested remarkably good consequences in long-time period comply with-up research (Adell et al. 1981; Albrektsson et al. 1986; Arvidsson et al. 1998; Makkonen et al. 1997).
long-term results point to the incredible stability and protection of the method.

overtime, the use of implants in different web sites including the maxilla and posterior mandible have shown nearly the same predictability (Adell et al. 1990a; Lekholm et al. 1994). New designs of implants are continuously introduced into the marketplace, often with little or no scientific documentation; but, the screw-shaped implant has the longest and maximum dependable documentation to be had these days.


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