Bone Biology, Harvesting, Grafting for dental implants

Author : Arun K. Garg

Edition : 1st Edition

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For the past 10 yr s, many of the questions raised in the course of my hands-on cadaver, stay-surgical operation, and lecture packages have pertained to bone biology, graft substances, membranes, bone harvesting, or bone grafting. whilst it seems that most practitioners nowadays have been adequately trained in the technical factors of setting implants, I find that many lack know-how of the simple biologic methods that permit us to harvest bone from one location of the mouth and graft it in an other. 

on account that the layout of a brief lecture or even a one-day path does no longer permit me to delve very a ways past the step-via-step methods related with harvesting and grafting bone, I conceived the concept of writing a e-book that could provide an explanation for no t most effective how to perform those and different strategies, however additionally why we do them one manner and now not any other and what makes the processes paintings. 

Above all, my purpose in writing this book was to arm the clinician with a enough expertise of bone and bone grafting to be in a position to make decisions that will benefit man or woman patients, without overwhelming him or her with information that is not at once relevant to that motive. It is virtually first rate to consider how tons implant dentistry has developed over the past two a long time. today we are in a position to restore function in sufferers with as little as 1 mm of crestal bone top, presenting they have good enough ridge width to accommodate the supposed implant.


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