Bone Augmentation in Oral Implantology

Author : Fouad Khoury
Hadi Antoun
Patrick Missika

Edition : 1st Edition

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Implant dentistry has evolved into a pretty predictable medical manner in ordinary cases where the to be had bone is of adequate peak and width. however, this situation is not met by means of all of our sufferers. yet even patients with an inadequate bone deliver to assist implants now need – even expect – advanced characteristic and higher esthetics. This excellent textbook provides treatment techniques both for ordinary cases and for some of the maximum hard instances a dentist is possibly to come upon. 

Dr. Fouad Khoury is one of the elite clinicians in oral and maxillofacial surgical operation. he’s a real expertise. he is supremely informed approximately each scientific element of transplantation, and his approach is impeccably scientific. he is a rare combination of outstanding clinician and proficient trainer. For this ebook, Dr. Khoury turned into capable of enlist the assistance of a brilliant organization of teachers and academics. they have completed an wonderful process of sharing their know-how and revel in. 

they have got described their treatment procedures in a clean and specific way, such as vast references on the cease of every chapter. further, most of the chapters deal with the interdisciplinary elements of remedy -which merits precise praise, on account that too many clinicians have a tendency to be locked in their own expert’s approach to their sufferers’ problems. We need to recollect to take a step returned now and then and observe a therapy as a unified whole, no longer simply at a chain of remedy steps, vital as they’ll be


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