Bone Augmentation in Implant Dentistry

Author : Michael Pikos

Edition : 1st Edition

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Implant dentistry has evolved tremendously over the last three many years and is unexpectedly progressing as new substances and protocols grow to be to be had. while biomaterials and clinical guidelines had been as soon as believed to turn over each 3 to five years, new advancements are actually being brought to our field each yr. today, implant dentistry is perhaps the maximum broadly researched discipline in our area and mandates that clinicians stay updated on cutting-edge developments and protocols. 

With the range of improvements made in digitally based media and advertising, it’s miles vital that the clinician be able to separate new trends from evidence-based protocols. it’s far without question that the aim of each clinician is that each patient be handled with the exceptional feasible final results in mind. 

As such, we need to try to implement rational evidence-based decisions grounded on to be had literature to allow us to make sound and predictable selections. The aim of this textbook is to share my medical experiences, each successes and screw ups, with my colleagues to facilitate studying thru documented cases that i’ve carried out over the past 35+ years.


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