Biomechanics in Orthodontics: Principles and Practice

Author : Ram S. Nanda
Yahya S. Tosun

Edition : 1st Edition

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Once complete prognosis and treatment planning have set the stage for beginning treatment tactics, equipment design and structures need to be evolved to reap remedy dreams. accurate software of the standards of biomechanics assists inside the choice of green and expedient appliance systems. over the past 3 many years, there has been an explosion within the development of era associated with orthodontics. New substances and designs for brackets, bonding, and wires have mixed to create a nearly countless quantity of opportunities in orthodontic appliance design. 

As these new materials are introduced together in the configuration of orthodontic appliances, it is essential to recognize and practice the principles of biomechanics for a a hit and green remedy outcome. lack of proper understanding might not best installation inefficient force structures but also motive collateral damage to the tissues. The path to a success remedy is thru appropriate knowledge of biomechanics. This e-book is written with the purpose of introducing a student of orthodontics to the evolving technology, cloth properties, and mechanical concepts involved in designing orthodontic home equipment.


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