Biochemistry for Dental Students

Author : DC Sharma
Manminder Riyat

Edition : 2nd Edition

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Since its first publication in 2007, Biochemistry for Dental Students has been the student’s option to understand the complex subject of biochemistry instead of cram it. We, as authors, are happy that our purpose of scripting this book has been amply served. 

this edition may be a thorough revision of the sooner edition in accordance to the syllabus by Dental Council of India. As such, the biochemical complexity has been omitted, while incorporating a couple of new chapters. Special treatment has been given to chapters on metabolism, vitamins, minerals and hormones to form the book suitable for dental students. 

Latest information is given on the biochemistry of teeth—tooth structure; chemical composition of teeth; the role of vitamins, minerals, and hormones within the proper development of teeth; and therefore the commonest diseases encountered by dentists— cavity , and therefore the role of saliva in its etiology, and dental fluorosis. This information are going to be useful to the scholars during their undergraduate study and even after they need completed their biochemistry examination.


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