Bell’s Oral and Facial Pain

Author : Jeffrey Okeson

Edition : 7th Edition

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In the early spring of 1982, I first had the opportunity to concentrate to Dr Welden E. Bell lecture as regards to orofacial ache. by way of his written paintings I had already acknowledged him as an global authority on the subject of orofacial pain. i will never forget about the first words from his mouth: “pain is not a sensation,” he proclaimed. I take into account squinting slightly, thinking that I had misheard his announcement, but then he repeated the apparently ridiculous statement. I idea, why, of course ache is a sensation. How may want to such an authority make any such misleading declaration? He then went on to mention that “pain is some distance extra than a easy sensation; pain is an enjoy.” 

I ought to admit that at that time in my professional improvement I certainly did not appreciate what he became pronouncing. Following that path and after lots greater studying of his texts and others, I started out to higher appreciate his phrases. there is an old saying that states, “when the scholar is prepared, the trainer will appear.” At that moment, Dr Bell have become my instructor and later my mentor. As my career stepped forward, I learned increasingly from Dr Bell. He endured to write even after his retirement from practice, completing seven editions of his  conventional texts on orofacial pains and temporomandibular problems. As I grew to realize him more in my opinion, my admiration grew even stronger.


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