B D Chaurasia Human Anatomy Volume 3

Author : B. D. Chaurasiya

Edition : 4th Edition


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In July 1996, I had long gone to the office of CBS Publishers and distributors to hand over the manuscript of the 1/3 edition of our Textbook of Histology, when Mr SK Jain, coping with Director of CBS, requested me to shoulder the duty of editing the three volumes of their extremely popular e-book BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy, the third edition of which become in advance edited with the aid of respected Prof. Inderbir Singh. 

This became a ‘God given present’ which I accepted with brilliant gratitude. This had also been the wishful deliberating my son, now a nephrologist within the US. The three volumes of the fourth version of this e-book are extraordinarily pupil-pleasant. 

All out efforts had been made to bring them in the direction of their hearts through serious and diffused efforts. various methods had been idea of, which i discussed with my colleagues and students, and had been incorporated in those volumes.


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