B D Chaurasia Human Anatomy Volume 1

Author : B. D. Chaurasiya

Edition : 4th Edition


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The splendor of most of the 4-shade figures lies in smooth reproducibility in numerous checks and examinations which the reader can master after a few exercise sessions only. This makes them userfriendly volumes. Figures are favored by means of the underutilised proper half of of the cerebral cortex, leaving the dominant left 1/2 for other jobs in about ninety eight% of proper-passed individuals. At the beginning of each chapter, a few introductory sentences have been delivered to spotlight the significance of the subject included. 

A quick account of the associated histology and development is placed forth so that the given subject matter is included in all respects. The whole medical anatomy has been put with the respective topic, highlighting its significance. The volumes accordingly are concise, comprehensive and clinically-orientated . various components of higher and decrease limbs had been described in a tabular form to revise and appreciate their “diversity in similarity”. 

at the give up of each section, an appendix has been added in which the segregated direction of the nerves has been aggregated, presenting an overview in their whole route. these appendices also comprise a few clinicoanatomical issues and more than one preference questions to check the know-how and competencies acquired. Prayers, patience and perseverance for almost 8 years have brought out this new version geared toward supplying a holistic view of the terrific systems which constitute the human anatomy.


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