Atlas of Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Author : Dapeng Lu

Edition : 1st Edition

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This atlas as a vade mecum with twenty chapters covers the newest surgical techniques and clinical cases supported procedure-based approach. every chapter consists of 2 to 5 sections providing elaborate descriptions of the essential techniques of analysis, designation and treatment to permit immediate clinical application. 

Wedged knowledge teeth square measure divided into five major classes in three-dimensional structure detected by CBCT on the position and growth standing of wedged teeth, that helps the classification of six degree of issue determination for the treatment and therefore the time and surgery procedure required for every degree.

About 1800 color clinical photos and line drawings with case reports provided by dental knowledgeable surgeons and educators during this atlas provide elaborate, procedure-based directions, illustrations and approach that demonstrate a way to set up for and perform knowledge teeth surgical procedures safely and with efficiency for dentists and students  to manage the patients sagely teeth disorders.


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