Atlas of Head and Neck Imaging

Author : Suresh K. Mukherji
Vincent Chong

Edition : 1st Edition

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Why write another e-book on head and neck radiology? a very affordable query that we need to attempt to answer. we’ve attempted to create a textual content that may be easily and efficiently used at the viewbox (or p.c. station). 

as soon as a lesion is diagnosed, there are cwo questions that subsequent need to be answered: (I) in which is it positioned? and (2) What ought to or not it’s? on this ebook, each space has its very own phase that contains examples of the not unusual pathology that rise up in that area. we have used a standard layout which includes Epidemiology, clinical Presentation, Pathology, treatment, and Imaging Findings. 

The imaging findings consist on the whole of CT and MR because these are the maximum normally used modalities for comparing the extracranial head and neck. We talk ultrasound and angiography findings when appropriate. each chapter also consists of a segment entitled Imaging Pearls-facts that won’t be observed in standard texts but that we have discovered from our revel in gown occasionally useful whilst comparing the disorder entity below dialogue.


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