Atlas of Complications and Failures in Implant Dentistry

Author : Luigi Galasso
Gian Antonio Favero

Edition : 1st Edition

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One should never begin the preface of a e-book via recounting an anecdote, but i’m unable to face up to the temptation. i have a very clean and vivid reminiscence of a conference that turned into organized in Florence at the beginning of the Nineteen Nineties with the aid of one of the main dental implant corporations on the time. The intention turned into to study development within the discipline and to speak about the outcomes of implant treatment. 

The list of subjects covered the situation of headaches, treated by means of Federico Gualino, a well-known and enormously appeared colleague who is rightly taken into consideration an expert within the subject and is also a practitioner and researcher of cost. He started out via pronouncing, with a considerable amount of wry correct humor, that he changed into thankful for the honor bestowed on him but that because he had already been requested to do the identical job twice earlier than (this turned into the 1/3 time I) he could not like to think that his name would be all the time related to headaches, as although he had a unique knack for them. 

This incident is a good instance of the reality that speakme about complications is simply no longer the greatest aspiration of folks that searching for to raise awareness of the challenge. As some distance as I see it, one even greater important consideration is worried in this situation. For the very reasons I cited in advance, professional practitioners and researchers of stated price should address the subject of complications for two proper motives.


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