ARNALDO CASTELLUCCI-Endodontics Volume 1


Edition : 1st Edition

Download ARNALDO CASTELLUCCI-Endodontics Volume 1

Endodontics is “The Book” about Endodontics, written by Dr. Castellucci in 1990. It’s continously updated with the newest techniques and with new and clearer fotos and images.

It’s a mine of information for anyone who wants to approach the Endodontic specialty.Endodontics

From a short history of Endodontics to the restauration of endodontically treated teeth. In this textbook all the various aspects of this fashinating specialty are described in detail.

The majority number of  Italian University and many University abroad adopted this textbook. The 3 volumes are the jewel of the crown of Dr. Castellucci professional experience.

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