Applications of Orthodontic Mini-Implants

Author : J. S. Lee
K. K. Kim
Y-C. Park
R. L. Vanarsdall

Edition : 1st Edition

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High anchorage demanding cases involving distal movement of molars or extrusion and intrusion of teeth require careful planning and anchorage control. Traditionally both intra-oral and extra-oral methods are utilized in both non-extraction and extraction cases. Unfortunately often the orthodontist has got to believe patient compliance ie wear of headgear to make sure unwanted tooth movements and loss of space doesn’t occur. Within the literature mini-implants have also been described as mini-screws, micro-implants, skeletal anchorage devices, temporary anchorage devices and orthodontic implants. 

Mini-implants are recently introduced within orthodontics for skeletal based anchorage. Although the long-term research/data are still to be reported, they need the potential to supply the last word anchorage control, and permit forces to be applied to teeth in both vertical and A-P planes with none unwanted consequences.This book is described as an introduction into the utilization of mini-implants. it’s divided into 11 well written chapters which include a historical overview of mini-implants, surgical procedures for the location of mini-implants and mechanics. a very useful chapter covers treatment planning. 

This excellent a part of the textbook describes the risks and benefits of placing mini-implants in various intra-oral locations, precautions to require within the maxilla and mandible, a guide to selecting an appropriate insertion site and commonly encountered problems and their solutions. The text is supported with clearly drawn line diagrams/graphics and good quality clinical photographs. At the top of every chapter the references used within the text are listed.


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