Anterior and Posterior Porcelain Applications

Author : PTC

Edition : 1st Edition

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The definitive training module on porcelain building

The speed and quality of any ceramist is decided by his understanding of the steps and procedures needed to create the porcelain restoration. Covering the A to Z of the way to build a bridge or single unit, start your training off or improve your existing skills.

Anterior Building

With every step fully illustrated, this module gives you the precise steps to require your anterior work to new levels. And with improved procedures to create to size, you’ll dramitically reduce the time needed for contouring, leaving you longer for other cases.

Posterior Building

Like the anterior section, the posterior buildup procedure gives you the precise , fully illustrated, procedure. Like all PTC TechMaster modules, the precise brush, tool, and instrument is mentioned, saving you time from deciding what to use next in your buildup.


Add the Ceramic Building Student Kit to hurry your progress. This kit includes the brushes and instruments utilized in the training module. Individual student workbooks allow multiple people to find out ceramic building at an equivalent time.


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