Anatomy for Dental Medicine in Your Pocket

Author : Eric W. Baker
Johanna Warshaw

Edition : 1st Edition

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This new addition to the large array of anatomical textbooks is noteworthy for its targeted synoptic selection of structures relevant to dental and allied professional students and health practitioners. Its wire-bound format and compact dimensions make it ideal for ‘in your pocket’ portability. Furthermore, easy page selection and therefore the top quality glossy thick paper on which it’s printed make it an accomplished stain-resistant accompaniment for dissection laboratory usage.

The 153 full colour illustrations are arranged as cards with key illustrated structures labelled numerically and lead lines to named structures correlated on the reverse side of the cardboard . This arrangement makes this book a perfect rapid reference resource.

The whole of the top and neck anatomy is roofed in 13 chapters dedicated to regions starting from the skull to the neck, face, eyes, ears, nose, and lymphatics; ending with clinical notes on potential spaces for the spread of infection. Even for clinicians, this compact book serves to facilitate as an aide-mémoire to anatomical identities of nerves, vessels and regions of the top and neck. the web self-testing tool is another bonus to strengthen recollection and memorising of dissecting room learning.



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