An Atlas of Removable Partial Denture Design

Author : Frank J. Wiebelt
Russell J. Stratton

Edition : 1st Edition

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A number of years in the past. several longitudinal research reached the alarming end that removable partial dentures (RPDs) regularly caused caries. Gingival infection, multiplied sulcus intensity. and mobility of abutments exam of the studies discovered that the prostheses were fabricated with out control over layout and inserted notwithstanding unresolved periodontal problems and terrible patient domestic care in addition, recollect applications have been frequently insufficient or nonexistent. 

Later studies indicated that quite different outcomes can be predicted with thorough prognosis and remedy making plans, systematic layout primarily based On sound principles, meticulous periodontal and restorative treatment. ideal home care and good enough follow-up bear in mind. The prevalence of canes become low, and there has been no tremendous deterioration inside the periodontal situation. 

The lengthy-time period diagnosis was fantastic whilst properly-made partial dentures have been furnished below properly controlled circumstances. The contrasting consequences and conclusions of these studies emphasize the ones factors which are especially sizeable within the fulfillment of RPD treatment.


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