Alexanders Discipline A Simple Decision

Author : Eduardo César Werneck

Edition : 1st Edition

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About 10 years ago was on a Florianopolis (Brazil) Course taught by Professor Alexander, especially when the honourable speaker offered a time to answer the written questions of the participants that meeting. That was when a specific individual, more for cowardice, that that lack of education, with no sign that said “Your technique doesn’t treat the deep bite”!

Professor Alexander said it had been simply a untruths…

We lost all clear, because it had been a significant question about the way to handle these issues, instead of just throw a stone on the glass a coward, then certainly all present know more about this philosophy!

No tire of learning more, once I bond of every bracket the Alexander’s Discipline, and even placed on each archwire so as to maneuver the tooth.

And increasingly discover how this philosophy of labor changed my life forever…

In this volatile world of passions and straightforward , and short lived… always


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