A Practical Manual of Public Health Dentistry

Author : CM Marya

Edition : 1st Edition

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The traditional method to the analysis and remedy of a affected person in medicine or dentistry starts with recording of the records of the problem. no matter essential advances in investigative strategies, an evaluation of history and medical examination of the affected person stays the cornerstone of correct diagnosis and sound treatment. Even then, many clinicians skip the system, bounce to “spot-analysis” and begin with the remedy. Such an technique is probable to miss coincidental pathology and co-morbidity. consequently, it is vital that a detailed dental and general scientific records is elicited and recorded on file sheets. The recording of an correct clinical history is within the quality interest of sufferers and dental body of workers alike. 

There’s little information inside the literature concerning the same old of medical records recording thought to be good enough and the questions important for complete clinical history taking. It’s been counseled that efforts want to be made with the aid of the dental profession to set requirements and formulate recommendations to establish a greater standardized scientific history questionnaire. the usage of a pre-printed dental/scientific records questionnaire can serve a valuable role in taking and documenting records and clinical examination of a affected person, and formulation of a treatment plan. This guide is an attempt in that direction.


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